Beyond Vision

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What happens when the vision disappears and we can no longer experience our environment as before? Do the other senses sharpen? Does reality become blurred?

Blindfolded and wearing headphones, the participants are guided by a silent companion by the hand through an overgrown environment. Together they embark on a dream-like journey through binaural sound recordings. The guides lead gently and safely through this borderline experience. Inner images and the blurring of realities are explored. The one-to-one audio performance is an invitation to surrender to unfamiliar situations, to observe oneself, to overcome fears and to be completely with oneself.

Beyond Vision is an audio performance by Ilona Marti, produced in 2019 for the project Tracks in a Box. Tracks in a Box was curated by B_Tour in collaboration with CLB Berlin, made possible by the kind support of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Further shows:
  • Konference “Was kommt jetzt” (Potsdam, Dec 2019).
  • League of Tender / Goethe Institut Moscow (Krasnodar, Jan 2020)
  • Sonohr Festival (Bern, February 2022)
  • Localize Festival (Potsdam, June 2022)

  • Idea, text and sound design: Ilona Marti
    Voices: Shelley Etkin, Charlotte Happe, Klara Pfeiffer
    Guidance: Shelley Etkin, Camila Rhodi, Sandra Du Carrois, Lisa Mössmer, Elena Ishchenko, Ilona Marti, Maria Sarycheva, Elise Poisson, Evelyn Louise Towlson, Margaux Wolf

    Tracks in a Box
    Berlin, Sept 2019
    Fotos © Joana Dias

    Konferenz “Was kommt jetzt”
    Potsdam, Dez 2019

    Fotos © Mina Gerngross

    League of Tender / Goethe Institut Moskau
    Krasnodar, Jan 2020

    Fotos © Julia Shafarostova

    Sonohr Festival
    Bern, Feb 2022

    Fotos © SamuelPaulGäumann

    Localize Festival
    Potsdam, Juni 2022

    Fotos © Adam Sevens (Foto 1), Erik Braun (Foto 2,3)