Nve Book

Portfolio book for the designers ︎Neulant van Exel.
136 pages | DIN A5 

Neulant EP1

Record cover in retro-future look, with collages of pictures from a Swiss magazine of the 50s, matching the electronic space music of ︎Neulant on his album EP1 .
124 x 124 mm

Lauthals Calendar

Design of an annual calendar for the association ︎Lauthals. Texte, Töne – Live illustriert. With specially created stencil font. Illustrations by ︎Roland Brückner, created during the readings of Lauthals.
594 x 420 mm


Design of a small illustrated encyclopaedia (KIFL), on the occasion of Fausi's 60th birthday, which summarises everything worth knowing about him with pictures and texts from relatives and friends.
170 pages | DIN A6



Design of a “Hochzeitung” (HOZ) - german wordplay from wedding and newspaper, following the ︎WOZ – in undogmatic and colourful design. I illustrated the contributions of friends and relatives of the bridal couple with photos, graphics and collages.
32 pages | 210 x 260 mm