Lagos Business Angels

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For the theatre play Lagos Business Angels by Rimini Protokoll I designed "fair passes" made of beer coasters and the accompanying visual guidance system, as well as other print props and large-scale stage prints.

In the play, business people present their Nigerian business at different stations - similar to a trade fair. For orientation, the audience received "trade fair passes" whose symbols guided them from station to station.

93 x 93 mm | 2012 

Script / Directors: Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel
Based on an idea by Dorothee Wenner


Oludolapo Ajayi

Victor Eriabie

Jude Fejokwu

Silke Hagen-Jurkowitsch

Uwe Hassenkamp
Enwelu Ifeanyi (Video)

Oluwafemi Ladipo

Frank Okoh

Olabiyi Olugbodi
Kester Peters
Frieda Springer-Beck

Stage design: Silke Bauer
Research / Dramaturgy: Martin Baierlein
Musical director / Composition: Barbara Morgenstern
Assistant director: Jessica Páez
Interns: Ludmilla Ebert, Jens Lassak, Ilona Marti
Research / Coordination Lagos: Steph Ogundele
Assistance Lagos: Emeka Bob-Anyeji
Camera: Bernd Meiners, Yinka Edwards
Video editor: Rebecca Riedel
Graphic design: Ilona Marti
Technical director: Patrick Tucholski
Light design: Patrick Tucholski, Sebastian Zamponi
Video engineer: Bodo Gottschalk
Sound engineer: Torsten Schwarzbach
Producer: Katja Sonnemann

HAU Berlin, 2012 | Festival d'Avignon, 2013