Local Call

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Local Call is an interactive, telephone-based, trilingual (Hebrew/Arabic/English) discovery tour of Lod - a city of 70,000 inhabitants, 20 km outside Tel Aviv. At 6 marked locations the participants dial a number and are connected to a local. In a live conversation or via answering machine the participants hear an anecdote about the place where they are.

Answering Machine of Doaa
The bedouin social worker and feminist introduces the Chicago Community Centre in the district of Ramat Eshkol.

Shown at Foothold Festival B_Tours Tel-Aviv/ Jaffa / Lod 2017, developed in a 2-week recidency at Lod.
Funden by the European Cultural Foundation.

Locals: Doaa Zabarqa, Eli Madjar, Haya Abu Kishek, Mohamad Hassouna, Sapir Barel, Sergey Zak
Photos: Einat Datner