Shifting Perspective

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How are identities related to places? What does “home” mean in the context of global mobility? What personal memories do people bring to Berlin?

Shifting Perspective is a performance in public space of Neukölln, Berlin. Blindfolded, alone or in pairs, participants meet four protagonists with diverse migration backgrounds, who recount a personal story of home as they guide the participants through a space. The situation of being blindly lead by a stranger creates a momentary negotiation between trust and control. Deprived of their vision, the participants immerse in a narration made out of words and the surrounding sounds. The personal encounters engage the audience in stories of fare away homes projected on Berlin.

In cooperation with B_Tour. Shown at Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2017, plus in the context of the conference "How do we achieve integration?" of Heinricht Böll Stiftung and 48 Stunden Neukölln 2016.

Performance: Adí Aviram, Aeman Hlal, Aleks Slota, Ali Hosseni, Ana Jelusic, Beatriz Alão Valente, Ewa Einhorn, Fernanda Aloi, Janna Gockel, Kristina Huber, Laura Jiménez González, Leah Christensen, Lessano Negussie, Morteza Ansari, Phuong Nguyen, Sebastian Felten

Fotos © Lilian Scarlet Löwenbrück
Berlin , 2016/2017