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Binaural 25-minute audio walk through the former Stadtbad Wedding - a place steeped in its change and past.

Until 2001, swimmers drew their lanes, while in the basement, large pumps and machines kept the bath running. At the time of Soundpool, the tiled pools were empty and the machines have fallen silent. The building became the cultural centre Stattbad. There were techno parties in the basement vaults and art exhibitions in the swimming pools. The audio walk allowed the participants to experience the transformation and complexity of the building as they moved through the space.

The Stadtbad Wedding building was demolished in 2016.

Dipoma thesis, Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin, Visual Communication, 2013

Listen with headphones.

Concept/Direction/Sounddesign: Ilona Marti
Mentor: Prof. Stefan Koppelkamm
Speaker: Andrea Friedrich
Performance: Karoline Bär, Nadim Dhani, Axel van Exel, Mustafa Mato Ghani, Zac Largiader, Alexandra Martini, Marian Neulant, Kara Schröder, Olga Wäscher
Music: Pier-Paulo Bertoli, Davide Provenzano
Thanks to Jakob Storm, Kaspar Salathé, Jochen Küpper, Daniel Plasch, Ralf Ufer