2019 – 2022

Beyond Vision

What happens when our vision cedes and we cannot experience our surrounding the way we did before? Are the remaining senses sharpened? Does reality blur?

Beyond Vision is a binaural one-to-one performance on Tempelhofer Feld. Blindfolded and wearing headphones, let yourself be guided by the hands of an invisible companion. Together you embark on a journey into the unknown. You will find yourself in dreamlike situations and discover the invisible and the intangible. The experience leads you gently and safely through your inner images, different feelings and states of being. It is an invitation to let yourself fall into uncertainty, to trust, to give in, to be touched, and yet be entirely with yourself.

Commissioned by B_Tour
in the context of Tracks in a Box.

Guidance: Shelley Etkin, Camila Rhodi
Voices: Shelley Etkin, Charlotte Happe

Photo © Ilona Marti
Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin, 2019

2019 > “Was kommt jetzt” (Potsdam)
2020 > League of Tender (Krasnodar)


Local Call

Local Call is an interactive, telephone-based, trilingual (Hebrew/Arabic/English) discovery tour of Lod - a city of 70,000 inhabitants, 20 km outside Tel Aviv. At 6 marked locations the participants dial a number and are connected to a local. In a live conversation or via answering machine the participants hear an anecdote about the place where they are.

Answering Machine of Doaa
The bedouin social worker and feminist introduces the Chicago Community Centre in the district of Ramat Eshkol.

Shown at Foothold Festival B_Tours
Funden by the European Cultural Foundation

Locals: Doaa Zabarqa, Eli Madjar, Haya Abu Kishek, Mohamad Hassouna, Sapir Barel, Sergey Zak

Photo © Einat Datner
Lod (Israel), 2017

2016 – 2017

Shifting Perspectives

How are identities related to places? What does “home” mean in the context of global mobility? What personal memories do people bring to Berlin?

Shifting Perspective is a workshop and performance in public space of Neukölln, Berlin. Blindfolded, alone or in pairs, participants meet four protagonists with diverse migration backgrounds, who recount a personal story of home as they guide the participants through a space. The situation of being blindly lead by a stranger creates a momentary negotiation between trust and control. Deprived of their vision, the participants immerse in a narration made out of words and the surrounding sounds. The personal encounters engage the audience in stories of fare away homes projected on Berlin.

In cooperation with B_Tour. Shown at Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2017, plus in the context of the conference "How do we achieve integration?" of  Heinricht Böll Stiftung and 48 Stunden Neukölln 2016.

Performance: Adí Aviram, Aeman Hlal, Aleks Slota, Ali Hosseni, Ana Jelusic, Beatriz Alão Valente, Ewa Einhorn, Fernanda Aloi, Janna Gockel, Kristina Huber, Laura Jiménez González, Leah Christensen, Lessano Negussie, Morteza Ansari, Phuong Nguyen, Sebastian Felten

Photo © Lilian Scarlet Löwenbrück
Berlin, 2016/2017



Binaural 25-minute audio walk through the Stadtbad Wedding - a place steeped in its change and past.

Until 2001, swimmers drew their lanes, while in the basement, large pumps and machines kept the bath running. At the time of Soundpool, the tiled pools are empty and the machines have fallen silent. The building became the cultural centre  Stattbad. There are techno parties in the basement vaults and art exhibitions in the swimming pools. The audio walk allows the participants to experience the transformation and complexity of the building as they move through the space.

The Stadtbad Wedding building was demolished in 2016.

Dipoma thesis, Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin, Visual Communication, 2013

Concept/Direction/Sounddesign: Ilona Marti
Mentor: Prof. Stefan Koppelkamm
Speaker: Andrea Friedrich
Performance: Karoline Bär, Nadim Dhani, Axel van Exel, Mustafa Mato Ghani, Zac Largiader, Alexandra Martini, Marian Neulant, Kara Schröder, Olga Wäscher
Music: Pier-Paulo Bertoli, Davide Provenzano
Thanks to Jakob Storm, Kaspar Salathé, Jochen Küpper, Daniel Plasch, Ralf Ufer
Photo © Ilona Marti

2012 – 2014


Audiodrom is a 15 minute binaural audio walk through Berlin’s Velodrome Park, an impressively singular spatial complex surrounded by tall grey buildings and imposing housing blocks. In this sterile environment, an artificial green plateau with apple trees and wild high grass appears out of nowhere, like a surreal oasis. The participants of the audio walk discover this place through an acoustic approach. They are guided by the speaker’s voice as they walk through the park, finding some peculiar acoustic situations which irritate the perseption and blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Shown at B_Tour Festival 2014, developed during studies at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, 2012


Audiodrom is available on the App “Echoes” .
Here you can download “Echoes” for Android or iPhone .
Here is the starting point.


Theaterscoutings Berlin
Alex TV: Urbane Räume in Berlin

Concept/Direction/Sounddesign: Ilona Marti
Mentor: Prof. Stefan Koppelkamm
Speaker: Maximiliane Häcke, David Ncube
Performance: Alexander Abramyan, Bernd Auzinger, Christian Bergmann,
Axel van Exel, Corinna Keller, Zac Largiader, Alexander Maurer,
Simon Slomma, Jakob Storm, Jasmina Wesolowski, Iva Wili

Photo © Timo Post