Audio Performance

Stimmen vom Bahnhof Zoo

︎ Deutsche Version

Sound design for the audio walk Stimmen vom Bahnhof Zoo by querstadtein e.V. on the subject of poverty and homelessness, around Bahnhof Zoo. Four people - Jenny, Blümchen, Anton and Erhard - talk about their everyday life on the street. Guided and moderated  by a synthetic voice. In German.

Details und tickets are available here.

 Idea and concept Selina Byfield and Dominika Szyszko (querstadtein)
Sound design Ilona Marti
Spreaker Text Jörg Karrenbauer
Musik Pier Paolo Bertoli (accordeon, composition) and
Davide Provenzano (trumpet)

Graphic @ querstadtein / Schauschau
Berlin, 2020.