Photo © Timo Post (Audiodrom, 2012)
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About me

I’m an audio artist, sound and graphic designer. Since 2012 I have been developing audio performances (and workshops) that mostly take place in public spaces in intimate settings. In them I experiment with perception, irritation and movement and show unusual perspectives on everyday environments. As a sound designer, I accompany audio performances, audio walks and plays with a focus on interaction and public space. As a graphic designer, I provide visual joy and orientation to social, cultural and creative contexts, in the form of books, brochures and other print media.


Ilona Marti (*1984 in Basel) lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Zurich University of the Arts (Trends and Identity) and at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (Visual Communication).

Her own audio performances have been shown at the B_Tour Festival and the Performing Arts Festival in Berlin, at the Sonohr Festival (Bern), as well as in Tel Aviv/Jaffa, Krasnodar (Ru) and Odessa (Ukr). As a sound designer she has worked on Remote X by Rimini Protokoll (33 guest performances, 2013-2020) and Stimmen vom Bahnhof Zoo (querstadtein, 2020). She has worked as a freelance graphic designer for beier-wellach projekte, Neulant van Exel, Rimini Protokoll, Claudia Schramke and the Gorki Theatre.

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