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Audiodrom is a 15 minute binaural audio walk through Berlin’s Velodrome Park, an impressively singular spatial complex surrounded by tall grey buildings and imposing housing blocks. In this sterile environment, an artificial green plateau with apple trees and wild high grass appears out of nowhere, like a surreal oasis. The participants of the audio walk discover this place through an acoustic approach. They are guided by the speaker’s voice as they walk through the park, finding some peculiar acoustic situations which irritate the perseption and blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Shown at B_Tour Festival 2014, developed during studies at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, 2012

Listen with headphones.


Audiodrom is available on the App “Echoes” .
Here you can download “Echoes” for Android or iPhone .
Here is the starting point.


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Alex TV: Urbane Räume in Berlin

Concept/Direction/Sounddesign: Ilona Marti
Mentor: Prof. Stefan Koppelkamm
Speaker: Maximiliane Häcke, David Ncube
Performance: Alexander Abramyan, Bernd Auzinger, Christian Bergmann, Axel van Exel, Corinna Keller, Zac Largiader, Alexander Maurer, Simon Slomma, Jakob Storm, Jasmina Wesolowski, Iva Wili

Photos © Timo Post